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January 2017
 Happy New Year!
     Welcome back.  We are looking forward to many new, exciting adventures and activities in 2017.
    We started the new year off with  "Show and Share".  The children enjoyed presenting their prized possession to their classmates and spending time sharing it.  It is always fun to see the variety of items the children bring in and learn all about them.
    This month our literacy units focus on winter. We started the month with the reading of The After Christmas Tree, an appropriate story for after the holidays.  This story leads us into caring for animals in winter.  We actually have a real Christmas tree outside our window.  We decorated it with strings of Cheerios and birdseed coated rice cakes to feed our feathered friends as well as some four legged neighbors.  We will be reading some wonderful literature including Stranger in the Woods, The Snowy Day, Owl Moon, Jan Brett's The Hat and The Mitten as well as other "season of snow" and snowman stories.  Several of our projects correspond to the topics introduced in the stories.
    In our Second Step program (character ed) we have just completed unit 2 which focused on empathy and will be embarking on unit 3 which introduces the children to emotion management.  
    Our letters this month are Mm, Hh, Pp and Nn.  We are having fun sounding out letters and discovering words that begin with the letter of the week.  We practice writing the letters during our Handwriting Without Tears lessons.  We air write the letters, practice them on small chalkboards or magnetic boards, write them in sand, complete pages in our workbook and use several letter apps on iPads.
  Reminder- January 16th-  Martin Luther King Day- School closed  

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