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Happy 100th Birthday Wandell!

Dear Wandell Families,
Thank you again for your support!! We are happy to announce that we grossed about $175,000 at our auction!! Since we know how hard it is to raise and make money, we used only 20% of the proceeds to cover our costs! That is a net of $145,000 all to benefit your children!   We also thought it would be a good time to provide a recap of the programs funded by the Foundation from September 2015 to date.  
  • Final installment payment for student computers -- $49,800
  • IDE and Curriculum Consultants -- $46,000
  • School Play -- $14,000
  • Rosetta Stone -- $10,000
  • Technology (Typing Club, IXL, Waggle, Ramsey Tech Support, SmartBoard repair) -- $7,800
  • Library books and computer programs (Bookflix, WorldBook and Accelerated Reader) -- $6,700
  • Writer’s Circle for grades 3 through 5 -- $6,600
  • Teacher mini grants -- $5,100
  • Assemblies (Anti-Bullying, Ellis Island and The Wonder of Air) -- $5,700
  • Character Building/Safety Patrol -- $500
Total Spent -- $152,200
Additional funds are encumbered for upcoming expenses not yet paid:
  • IDE remaining balance -- $4,000
  • New teacher computers -- $15,000
  • Ramsey technology upgrades -- $20,000
Funding was also provided for:
  • A proposed buildout of a STEM lab $8000
  • Replacement of eight SmartBoards $72,000
  • Renewals of technology programs  $15,000
  • Assemblies   $4500
  • Character education program  tba 
  • Teacher mini-grants  $3000
  • Library resources  $3700
  • The school play $15000
  • And to offset some of the cost of a new telephone system.  $25000
We are excited to announce that the Foundation has committed to fund an outdoor learning/reading center. 
All of these enhance the quality of education at our school would not be possible without the generosity of the Wandell parents, faculty and community.  
Thank you all for another successful year!
Alex Ruffino
President, Wandell School Education Foundation 


Last Modified on April 19, 2017